Automotive Collision Center Collision Repair


Automobile accidents are never fun and can be difficult to recover from. Let us at Automotive Collision Services, help you get your vehicle back on the road again. Bring your car down to our collision center and we will give you a free estimate of what it will take to repair your car. If your vehicle needs towing, we can assist in arranging a tow. We also provide a free shuttle service to get you back home.




What to Expect with Our Car Collision Center
Our rates are very fair and we strive to get your car back to you in a timely manner. Choosing Automotive
Collision Services is a smart choice for so many reasons. Not only can we assist with towing your vehicle in to our center, but we are very close to Enterprise car Rental. Once we have your car, we will quickly give you an estimate of the collision repair needed. Then, we start on a blueprint of the damage to give you a better idea of everything involved and needed to fully restore your vehicle. Before we begin the repair, we meet with you to discuss the damages and the parts needed to complete the repair. We ensure you fully understand the process. We use precision frame and uni-body repair machines. We will provide before and after printouts from Car-O-Tronic to show you the repairs we’ve made. If you need structural welding done, our nationally certified techs will use the Prospot High Voltage Inverter Welder. If you need mechanical or suspension repairs as the result of a collision, we have a front end alignment machine in house to minimize down time for sending vehicle out for alignment. Especially where additional parts are needed after the first alignment and the car has to go for second or third alignments. If we have to paint your car, the paint Spies Hecker will come with a lifetime warranty. Have peace of mind knowing that ICAR Gold Class Technicians will be working on the job. Your car is in great hands with us.
How we can help you with your collision repair:
We help you by getting your car released and towed from tow yards, set up your rental and assist you with your claim using an approved standardized estimating system. We will contact your insurance company, get the estimate approved, review it with you, order parts, and start repairs. If there is any frame/unibody work needed, we provide printouts before and after the repairs. We use a Car-O-Tronic frame machine. Body repair and structural welding are done by our Nationally certified technicians that use a Prospot high voltage inverter welder. We also do suspension and mechanical repairs (i.e. change knuckles, struts, axles, rack and pinions in conjunction with collision damages). Automotive Collision Services also provides front-end alignments with printouts. Finally, we road test the car for drivability and safety.